our commitemnt toward the quality of our boxes

Create objects in metal recyclable 100 %

The brand won the bet to offer at the same time, innovative and eco-friendly products. Raw material used for manufacturing the products is treated tinplate, which is fully and easily recyclable. Thus, Metal Box Manufacture contributes to sustainable development.


All tins are guaranteed safe for alimentary contact (tea, biscuit, coffee, etc.).



About our boxes' production

Virojanglor is a pioneer in the sector of metal boxes,its control of the last technologies and of all the stages of the production process guarantees competitiveness, quality and speed, whatever are the quantities and the shape you want.


Virojanglor has over 200 moulds: round, oval, square, rectangular, octagonal boxes as well as trays, posters, ashtrays and so on.

We master the arts of embossing, stapling and offset printing.

Our R&D department is constantly on the move to create and design new shapes, printing effects and types of metal.



Hermetic tea box.

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Hermetic cookie box.

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